Training dogs requires a kind heart and a cool head. ...
The master always must be a source of comfort and security.

   -  Colonel Konrad Most

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Samoyeds of Roland Gallery
Here are some examples of our latest work. 

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Olga with the fox carcass Agni found, Jan 2015
Agni sure does like his fox carcass!
Fido and fox carcass.  We sure love that fox carcass!
I adjust Agni's collar
Pups from KeeKee's first litter find my hat.
Derby, a 17 y.o. Gotland mare, winter 2013-14.  Berissa's daughter.
Berissa, a 28 y.o. Gotland mare, winter 2013-14
Kee (L) and Diego tree a squirrel!
Winter 2013-2014, my front yard.
Diego on the move!  (don't know why the letters are there)
KeeKee looking noble
Rover, the runt of KeeKee's first litter - almost caught up in size now.  My smartest dog.
I adjust Olga's collar.
Happy day!  Sled harnesses on three dogs.
Lando frozen in mid-stride by camera shutter
KeeKee nursing her 8 pups.  My foyer, approx. 8 hrs post birth, Jan 15, 2015

Lando, Jan 2015
Lando - dynamic freeze frame!
Fido (L) and Lando.
KeeKee nursing pups in doghouse (older than 5 days) Jan 2015
Olga eats squirrel she just caught.  Yum!  Jan 2015